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BlueKonnect is a health management consulting platform that provides comprehensive management training, coaching, support, and advisory to healthcare practitioners, practices, and organizations.


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About Us

In a continent faced with so many challenges in healthcare, the need for cutting-edge, proven, and practical educational programmes as well as solutions to assist healthcare practitioners is greatly indicated. BlueKonnect is a platform that aims to provide just that.


Evolving from a platform that was offering healthcare education for practitioners, BlueKonnect is now a health management consulting platform that provides comprehensive management training, coaching, support, and advisory to its clients. Our passion is to help our clients; who are healthcare practitioners, practices, and organizations alike; to be more efficient, effective, and sustainable by providing interventions to crucial practice, patient, and ethical management issues.  

In providing our services, we carefully select extensively experienced, knowledgeable consultants who have a substantial track record of executing major management consulting assignments across various industries. This ensures that our consultants provide the foremost quality of training, coaching, support, and advisory to our subscribers.


Blue; the colour of the sky and the sea; is a colour often associated with stability, tranquillity, and calmness. It symbolizes trust, wisdom, intelligence, faith, and honesty. In line with this symbol, BlueKonnect aims to be a platform that is full of wisdom, trust, intelligence, and honest solutions.


Our vision is to create a one-stop education and management consulting platform for healthcare practitioners in Africa.

Our mission is to provide educational content and cutting-edge, proven, and practical management interventions that are relevant to the various healthcare professions in Africa and the rest of the world.


Our core business includes:

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programs

Practice Management Coaching, Support, and Consulting

Coaching, Support, and Advisory in Health legislation as well as HPCSA regulations, rules, policy, and guidelines

(Consulting, coaching, support, and advisory are all subject to our fair usage policy)


In conducting our business, we subscribe to the following values:

Integrity – we work with consultants with great integrity

Quality – we provide quality content and interventions

Diligence – we are thorough and meticulous

Accountability – we take accountability for our actions